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Welcome to Vale Park Preschool

Welcome to our preschool. The centre opened in 1976 and is located on the corner of Ascot Avenue and Tonkin Street, adjacent to the Vale Park Primary School.

The Education & Early Childhood Services Board of South Australia undertook a rigorous assessment of the quality of our services against the National Quality Standard on the 22nd of October 2016. Vale Park Preschool was rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard.

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The foundation for lifelong learning is established in the early years of a child’s life. We value children as curious, independent, capable and competent learners who question and investigate their world while developing their learning identity.

Our learning environment enables children to co-construct their learning through involvement in authentic experiences embracing culture, values and interests.

The planning cycle informs the emerging curriculum through regular collaborative reflection and analysis of children’s engagement, interests, dispositions and abilities.

The curriculum is implemented through intentional teaching moments and play based experiences in conjunction with an Inquiry Approach. The Early Years Learning Framework guides our practice into which we incorporate the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, Indicators of Preschool Literacy/Numeracy as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

We seek to facilitate an environment where children:


As educators at Vale Park Preschool we:

Vision statement:

Children are curious, independent, capable and competent learners who investigate their world. A high quality learning environment is facilitated enabling children to deeply engage in play based experiences strengthening their dispositions for learning which extend their understanding of themselves and their world.

Mission Statement:

Educators at Vale Park Preschool are committed to enhancing children’s understanding of the world around them and their sense of self and learning identity so that they can become fulfilled and reflective individuals and active compassionate citizens. We value partnerships with families and the wider community.